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13 Oct

For every B2B company like any others, one of the crucial aspects of their businesses is to have a latest customer database. From lead prospecting to increasing their brand value, business-to-business firms rely on data. Many organizations from healthcare, real estate, manufacturing and much more depend on B2B leads to reach their intended core personas and boost their overall business performance. This blog post features the top 6 best B2B database companies in USA.

What does the term “B2B contact database” mean?

A B2B contact database refers to the contact details of various businesses that firms can use to engage with the most targeted markets with high intent buying signals. The contact database includes the various information of relevant prospects such as email, direct mailing addresses, telephone and fax numbers, business profiles, sales volume, job roles and much more. 

There is a necessity of lead lists with high accuracy for business-to-business marketers for prospecting and generating quality leads for their sales team, and their overall company performance. According to the latest research by Gartner over 60% of B2B firms will shift towards a more data-driven process, by 2025. The Business-to-Business firms can utilize this chance to find success in their field through reliable database providers. 

How to Select a B2B Data Provider?

When buying B2B data from the provider it is important to check some of the important factors according to your business needs. Here are the factors to consider:

  • Quality: Ensure the leads they provide are of good quality
  • Source: Verify if the contacts are sourced by legal and ethical methods
  • Reputation: The vendor’s reputations and credibility can be known by client reviews, products, social profiles and more
  • Price: Research and compare the cost of the vendors providing with other companies
  • Features: Look if the company offers additional options like data cleansing, appending and enrichment services other than the business data. 
  • Support: See if the vendors provide pre and post purchase support to their clients. 

Leading B2B Database Providers in the USA:

  1. FountMedia - B2B Database Providers

By having over 1800+ happy clients, from 170+ countries, 3400+ projects completed by offering email lists from over 650+ industries. FountMedia has been a leading database firm for over the past 6+ years which has helped many business-to-business organizations to reach their targeted prospects and drive better outcomes. It has a vast data repository of 34M+ records from a wide range of core sectors like technology, healthcare, IT, real estate, manufacturing retail and much more.

They use cutting edge technology to source mailing lists from credible sources, compile and organize in a ready to usable manner. They regularly update and verify contacts to maintain its accuracy and relevancy. The leads is validated both by human and AI based algorithms. Apart from the business lists, FountMedia offers services at an affordable price, like:

  • Data hygiene 
  • Data enhancement
  • Data licensing 
  • Data refinement
  • Data cleansing 
  • Data appending services 

Key Features:

  • 100% active contacts
  • +90% accurate leads
  • Regularly Updated
  • Geo-based data
  • Enhanced ROI
  • Customizable option
  • Pre-delivery verification

Case Study: 

Recently a surgical equipment manufacturing company at Palo Alto, California ,CA has faced difficulty in generating quality leads, as it was challenging to locate the targeted markets across the USA. Then Maria, a marketing head of the company, reached FountMedia after thoroughly researching their website and customer reviews. 

“When I contacted FountMedia, I was immediately connected to their customer support team” – shares Maria. The account manager understood their challenges and business requirements and after a careful analysis and consultation. Their expert teams came up with the accurate and verified geo-targeted hospitals email lists, for regional based advertising efforts. After using this location-based mailing lists the company saw huge queries from the leading hospitals across the United States, and generated a good amount of leads and their sales rate increased by up to 10X times than usual. 

  1. LakeB2b - B2B Database Providers

LakeB2B is a pioneer in offering business-to-business contacts for growth-driven campaigns. The company has been in the industry for the past 15 years and helps many business-to-business organizations with their email lists service. Many companies including fortune 500 are relying on LakeB2B for their data-driven business approach. Their master database comprises contacts of the world’s top 7000 ranking firms. LakeB2B high quality and custom-built email lists for your company’s growth. 

The organization has over 500+ expert professionals, tirelessly work on creating mailing lists for various industries like healthcare, technology, automotive, retail and manufacturing. They have served over 160+ countries with over 70+ intelligence fields and 680+ industries. They use advanced softwares as well as human intervention to collect, collate and verify the email lists into ready to use formats. Apart from database they also offer:

  • Data appending
  • Data Profiling
  • Data Building
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Enrichment Services

Key Features:

  • Establish global presence
  • Drive Revenues
  • Exponential growth
  • Get customer insights
  • Timely delivery 
  • Optimized campaigns efficiency

Case Study

A company that offers software solutions to various schools and colleges to optimize their academic functionality. They serve schools across the globe, now facing an issue in email deliverability and sales. The company sells solutions like payroll integration, learning management, remote teaching solutions etc. They were stuck in finding prospects for teachers, principals, school administrators and others.  

By thoroughly analyzing their problems, LakeB2B offered a district school administrators email lists, which is clean, accurate and segmented based on location, type of schools, annual revenue, country, state, zip code, and much more. By using the database the company saw a huge difference in metrics. The email deliverability rate boosts surprisingly higher and their sales rate increased 8X times overall. 

  1. ListsXpanders - LakeB2b - B2B Database Providers

ListsXpanders is a leading database company that offers over 50M+ business contacts from various sectors. With over 5+ years of completed over 36K+ projects and gained trust from over 24K+ clients. They offer databases to small startups to large corporations like Fortune 500 companies. The master data repository has contacts of decision-makers, corporate leaders, company profiles and much more. 

The company has served over 170+ countries by providing mailing lists from over 78+ core fields and 750+ industries. The B2B Email List includes contacts of healthcare, IT, education, automotive, finance, banking, real estate, manufacturing, oil & gas, retail and much more. The list is 100% accurate and has genuine active leads, verified by combination of human and technology intervention. ListsXpanders offers other email services at a reasonable price, such as:

  • Data appending
  • Data cleansing
  • Data hygiene
  • Contact appending 
  • Phone appending services

Key Features:

  • 100% responsive data
  • Email & Tele-verified contacts
  • Customizable database
  • +90% active leads
  • High inbox placement rate
  • Boost ROI by 5X times
  • Verified prior delivery

Case Study:

An organization in Austin, Texas, TX is specialized in offering software solutions like ATS systems, leave management and many such services to large corporations across the world. They have served over numerous companies. Even though they are well known but now facing issues in reaching out to the relevant demographics in the entire markets due to high competitions. The company lacks the insights of intent buyers which results in loss of high value prospects. 

The sales head of the firm, Richard, contacted ListsXpanders after completely knowing their websites, and client testimonials. He was first assigned to an account manager with whom he had 1:1 discussion regarding the challenges after a complete analysis and consultation. ListsXpanders offered them exclusive HR executives mailing lists which are highly segmented to certain locations, job role, SIC/NAICS code, Zip code and much more. By using the email lists the firm surprisingly saw incredible reach via multi-channel campaigns and improved in their sales volume by 15X times. 

  1. OriginLists - LakeB2b - B2B Database Providers

OriginLists is a database company specialized in offering email addresses for sales-oriented efforts. The organization has been in the industry for the past 16+ years and helps many business-to-business organizations for lead prospecting. Many global companies including fortune 1000 depend on OriginLists for their business lead requirements. Their master database comprises contacts of over 107M+ records. OriginLists offers high quality and custom-built business lists for your company’s growth. 

The organization has an experienced team of experts who works on building email lists for various industries like healthcare, IT, real estate, automotive, retail and manufacturing. They have served over 135+ countries with 3200+ industry categories over 70M+ phone records. They employ proprietary softwares and human intervention to design data. Apart from database they also offer data related services like:

  • Data appending
  • Phone appending
  • Data verification
  • Data profiling
  • Data cleaning
  • Demand generation services 

Key Features:

  • Authentic & verified leads 
  • Trusted data sourcing
  • Regular data cleansing
  • Customizable option
  • Maximized ROI
  • Improved sales cycle
  • Verified pre-delivery

Case Study: N/A

  1. Uplead - B2B Database Providers

UpLead is a pioneer in offering lead lists for growth-driven campaigns. The organization has been in the industry for the past 10+ years and helps many business-to-business organizations with their database service. Many companies including small enterprises to multi-dollar corporations rely on UpLead for their lead prospecting process. Their master database comprises contacts of over 108M+ business records. They have high quality and custom-built email lists to boost your business performance. 

The organization has qualified professionals tirelessly work on creating mailing lists for various industries like healthcare, technology, automotive, retail and manufacturing. They have served over 168+ countries and use 50+ search filters to find the right leads for you. They use both advanced softwares and manual intervention to collect, and verify the leads in real time to ensure you’re reaching qualified prospects. They offer

  • 135M+ B2B contacts
  • 16M+ global company profiles
  • 16K+ technology tracking services

Key Features

  • +95% accuracy rate
  • High quality leads
  • Verified contact profiles
  • Improved ROI
  • Boost sales process
  • Timely delivery

Case Study

A company named ‘Code Red’ which offers comprehensive safety services to the construction, oil and gas, and transportation industries. Their services include safety audits, safety staffing, safety equipment rental, training, and rescue teams. In a highly competitive market where sales opportunities arise unexpectedly, Code Red Safety’s national account manager Kyle Mende needed a better way to reach decision makers.

The UpLead’s database made it very easy to get in front of decision makers without having to waste hours dealing with gatekeepers. Now that I have direct contact information that has been validated, I can focus my time and effort on closing deals. “By using their highly quality leads, we are able to make sales that are 15X times higher with new businesses” shares kyle mende.

  1. Avention-Media - B2B Database Providers

Avention Media is a trusted email lists provider for numerous business-to-business companies across the world. With 10+ years of expertise in the industry. It works with small entrepreneurial businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, creating successful marketing formulas and better business relationships. The organzation has served multiple projects and worked with a number of clients across several nations. 

The company provides verified, accurate and highly responsive email lists for various sectors like health, country-based businesses, technology, retail, manufacturing, realestates, etc. The mailing lists are segmented based on location, job role, sales volume, SIC/NAICS code, country, state, zip code and much more. They also offer other data options like:

  • Data appending
  • Data licensing
  • Data hygiene
  • Data cleansing
  • Data enrichment services

Key Features:

  • Verified contacts
  • Regular appending
  • High deliverability
  • Boosts revenues
  • Global expansion
  • Validation before delivery

Case Study: N/A


For B2B type of businesses choosing a business lists suitable for your business is a very crucial aspect for your profit-oriented campaign’s growth. The top 6 B2B database companies outlined in this blog post — FountMedia, LakeB2B, ListsXpanders, OriginLists, UpLead, and Avention Media — provide sales leads that fulfills your unique sales and marketing demands by reaching the specific markets and improves your company’s growth rate. 
By partnering with the genuine list providers, it is easy to find a reliable US B2B database along with phone appending services, data cleansing, profiling, enhancement, refinement and other services to get access to accurate intent buyer insights, which helps to craft your promotional mail. Contact our executives to receive our new business leads and valuable marketing solutions for your high campaigns metrics & lead volumes.