Supercharge Your Database with ListsXpanders Address Appending!

Data’s got a shorter lifetime shelf. People change jobs, move from one city to another, create new email addresses and information like contact details doesn’t take time to turn right into wrong. ListsXpanders shows you the way to data-driven marketing for the last 15 years. You can get your existing information verified and updated via a Postal Address Appending Services. This process flow demonstrates the different steps to double the need for us to accurately update your database and follow the most secure methods to return the updated data to you. Thus can you re-connect with long-standing leads and old customers,Ensure more sales and conversions.


No matter how far we go with technology and online campaigns, some campaigns only work if the traditional way is taken. You could start a direct mail marketing campaign in business at any time. Since direct mail campaigns are quite expensive on your budget, it’s expensive to run a campaign in your whole database. It comes to your rescue when an updated database is available.


The appendix to your existing database is added with ListsXpanders Postal Address Append Services. You can share the names, e-mails or other fields in your database and the mailing addresses will be updated by ListXpanders. Our ListsXpanders professional experts will build a database by updating your database’s postal address.

Have you gotten your free sample data yet?

    Use of Business Email Addresses Database:

    1. Build your brand image
    2. Connects you with other business with single click
    3. Strengthen your prospects and gain their trust
    4. Target key decision makers
    5. Increase in sales and high ROI

    Why ListsXpanders for your Business Mailing List needs?

    Our Email List is collated after a two-step verification. All the data of our business professional email lists are firstly verified by AI-based algorithms and then, by a team of technical experts who manually verifies your prospect’s details.

    Here are the few factors
    • Our data is above 90% accurate.
    • We cleanse our data for every 60 days
    • Replacement of data if more that 10% of hard bounce.
    • Dedicate account manager pre/post purchase of data.