Optimize Social Reach with ListsXpanders' Campaign Enhancement

You have the highest number of channels to connect with customers today, such as email, direct mail, Facebook, Twitter, banner promotions… if you look at the brightest technology side. And on the other hand, you also find it difficult, as they spread over different channels, to connect with your customers.

We can certainly not say who is the most powerful of all channels, but it is certainly not recommended to use a single medium to connect with your customers. You can not ignore your customers’ social presence even if you have run a direct mail campaign and an e-mail campaign. You need to connect to all social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, to name just a few.

ListsXpanders can add social media to your existing database or simply provide you with your target audience’s social media contacts. We are the only providers of databases that offer our customers a socially verified database.

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