Enhance your Business ROI with our Data Management Services

Now it is an uphill battle to maintain prospects data for most of the B2B companies, By the time changes the contacts become old and outdated. As the decision-makers, stakeholders and other officers tend to change their contact details, when they move their business or job roles to another place or domain.

The contact details like email addresses, direct mail address, phone numbers, and social media profiles are crucial elements. Since data is the big cheese of B2B companies for lead nurturing and prospecting. That’s the big reason why CEOs, and directors are in search of data management services as it is very challenging for companies to maintain core information.

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    Business Email Append Services
    1. Data Sourcing: ListsXpanders qualified team source information from genuine & credible directories, public records, company websites, feedback forms, etc
    2. Data Building: The sourced is then subjected to building, whether by adding values to the existing lists or by in depth company profiling from bespoke sources
    3. Data Cleansing: ListsXpanders data cleansing services removes old and irrelevant records and frequently update to increase the value of the contacts for data-driven campaigns
    4. Database Management: The verified lists are then matched with our master data repository to avoid any duplicates and then compiled in formats like .xls, .csv, text, PDF, and SQL

    Reach your high-value-prospects with our Data Management Solution

    Our data management solutions offer you a clear roadmap to communicate with your targeted markets effortlessly. Our list management services are used by over 1M+ clients, including:

    1. Top healthcare companies
    2. Retailers and SMEs
    3. Leading global firms like fortune 500, 1000 etc
    4. Real estates, manufacturing, IT, and research companies

    Partnering with ListsXpanders provides companies with quality data and insights, enabling informed decision-making. With our data management services, organizations witness an impressive 80% annual ROI. We ensure time is spent on core marketing strategies, rather than the tedious task of data management. Our solution streamlines efficiency and reduces time wastage.