We apply classic and proprietary analytical techniques to customer data with clear business goals in mind, delivering findings that are both understandable and actionable.

To address key CRM issues, we have developed a number of proprietary data products in-house.

The Lifetime Value model tells you how much a typical member or customer is worth over the course of a typical lifetime. And how long can a typical lifetime be expected to last. It enables the identification of customers with the highest Lifetime Value. As a result, values for customers with client-defined characteristics can be determined precisely. This valuable information can then be used to guide marketing budget decisions as well as customer communication and acquisition strategies.

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    Data Cleansing

    Accurate data is essential for a successful new business campaign, and many businesses waste valuable time and money targeting irrelevant or out-of-date contacts. Our telemarketers offer a high-quality database cleansing service to keep your records up to date with the most recent company and contact information. ListsXpanders data cleansing services are frequently combined with data building to increase the depth of information and create a true marketing database.

    Database Management

    ListsXpanders can manage and host your database, updating information and contacts throughout the year for companies with existing data. ListsXpanders will design and structure a database based on your specifications. We will de-duplicate contacts and segment data in order to identify the best companies to target with future marketing efforts.